Citizen Canada: Emerging from the cold, developed by the Montreal based design outfit,STORIeDD; is a daunting, yet pathbreaking effort that enables the English dictionary in an alternative format.It is a rare Canadian Super hero. Emerging from the cold: Citizen Canada Emerging from the cold: Citizen Canada
Citizen Canada Comic book
Citizen Canada Comic book
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Celebrate 150 years of the confederation by reading the newest superhero comic book that everybody is waiting for.

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Emerging from the cold : Citizen Canada

Canada is not known, at least not in popular discourse, for its military might. Less than 71,000 active soldiers serve in the country’s armed forces, whose size and strength have been ridiculed over the years by American and Canadian bloggers alike. The United States, by comparison, has about half a million active soldiers in the Army alone and hundreds of thousands more across the other branches. By American standards, Canada’s roughly $20 billion defense budget is miniscule.

On June 22, 2017, the country’s military said that a Canadian Special Operations sniper had shot an Islamic State fighter in Iraq from more than 2 miles away, purportedly breaking a world record for the longest confirmed kill shot in history, according to the Globe and Mail.

Emerging from the cold : Citizen Canada is about a first nations citizen sorting problem in the world's most displaced communities. Citizen Canada does not wear  latex or fly over the parliment. He skirts the northern lights on a snowmobile and a fine skiier.  Come join us in our journey to figure out the man who is emerging from the cold: Citizen Canada.

Emerging from the cold : Citizen Canada also briefly embeds a form of dictionary in the comic book called STORIeDD, enabling  a linear form of communication. thus enabling a skeletal Dictionary.


With the world’s political environment in complete distress when it comes to addressing displaced communities in unstable nation states.
​Canada is trying to set up a better example by being cordial and collaborative,
​in striking contrast to our well-meaning neighbour. Emerging from the cold :  Citizen Canada ascribes to this trend.


Using a methodology, called STORIeDD, Emerging from the cold : Citizen Canada is an alternative
​ method of human communication. It uses a linear narrative to achieve some of its goals.



Canada's pledge to commit over $ two billion towards Climate change funding will be responsible for controlling
​ 15 % of climate change in the environment over the next 15 years.


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Emerging from the cold : Citizen Canada is developed by Montreal based Indian Comic Book Developer . It uses a methodology, enabling the linear narrative for books called STORIeDD. STORIeDD is a form of dictionary where the story evolves from words, thus enabling a novel, linear and meaningful narrative. The Dictionary thus enabled is a skeletal format.

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Canada citoyen : positioning the first nations as a Super hero