Emerging from the cold: Citizen Canada Emerging from the cold: Citizen Canada
Citizen Canada Comic book
On the occasion of Canada 151
Celebrate 151 years of the Federation by reading the newest Superhero comic book that everybody is waiting for.

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fed up with the way first nations characters are portrayed in the main stream media?


Fed up with the way manner in which First Nations characters are portrayed in main stream media?

Citizen Canada : Emerging from the cold is the first
Indigenous superhero who is a millionaire.

Bill Waawaate is smart, educated and highly successful founder of Snowbird Canada, the manufacturer of the popular line of Snowmobiles in Canada. His most ambitious machine is an all powerfull, mountain crusher, Storm patrol67, people sometimes refer to it as Citizen Canada, synonymous with its owner whose ancestors were the earliest citizens of this land.


 Citizen Canada is the manifestation of our collective effort to demonstrate and expand our compassion for displaced people and ethnicities. The byline, “Emerging from the cold” is chosen both literally and metaphorically to denote Canada’s position over the years in the most pressing matters. It shows Canada’s changed position in world affairs.  

Citizen Canada  is our unofficial Ambassador in extending our mission abroad and addressing inequities at home. He is an avid skiing enthusiast and uses a snowmobile in severe stress cases. He has no super powers to speak of, except riding a snowmobile, which he can use in any weather conditions. Some think he works at the Parliament Hill, while others say he teaches
Computer Science at McGill University.


Citizen Canada is developed using the TEDC and F method. This method, being patented, uses the alphabetical order to form a linear method of communication. The form of dictionary devised this way is called STORIeDD and is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.
​This is the  engine that drives the narrative.

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Citizen Canada is developed by Montreal based  Indian Comic Book Developer . 
It uses the TEDC&F methodology, enabling the linear narrative for books called STORIeDD. STORIeDD is a form of dictionary where the story evolves from words, thus enabling a novel, linear and meaningful narrative.

 They may be contacted at :
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Canada citoyen : positioning the first nations as a Super hero