Emerging from the cold: Citizen Canada Emerging from the cold: Citizen Canada
Citizen Canada Comic book
Citizen Canada Comic book
On the occasion of Canada 151
Celebrate 151 years of the Federation by reading the newest Superhero comic book that everybody is waiting for.

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Storiedd : Alphabetic Narrative
​What on earth is storieDd!

STORIeDD is an alternative method of learning from an English dictionary by generating an alphabetical narrative. The method can also be generated in a non-alphabetical narrative, but is optional. This is an interesting deviation from existing modes of dissemination of words from the English dictionary. 

 an inbuilt dictionary? give me a break!

The development of TEDC&F will make the dictionary of the world’s fastest growing and most powerful connecting language, English, more easily accessible to populations of the world in an altogether new form and contribute significantly towards expanding the Anglosphere. This project has the potential for commercial success, the details of which will be discussed with concerned businesses that have the requisite infrastructure.

Citizen Canada is powered by STORIeDD, which uses this  unique communication method.

The Objective

STORIeDD seeks to address the possibility of an alphabetic narrative and gauge its impact on the learning process. The objective of STORIeDD is to produce an alternative form of dictionary, namely a narrative one, a narrative that is
alphabetically arranged, yet logical, meaningful and engaging.

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Citizen Canada is developed by Montreal based  Indian comic book developer . 
It uses a interesting methodology, enabling the linear narrative for books called STORIeDD. STORIeDD is a form of dictionary where the story evolves from words, thus enabling a novel, linear and meaningful narrative.

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